About AIWG

The Aleutian Islands Working Group is a loosely organized group of people whose work and research is focused on the Aleutian Islands, Alaska. We are biologists, ecologists, anthropologists, archaeologists, oceanographers, cultural heritage specialists, and climatologists – as well as land and resource managers.

The purpose of the Aleutian Islands Working Group blog is to post short descriptions about ongoing projects and recent discoveries. Once per month, one of the folks working in the area will post a description of their activities. We encourage you to ask questions or comment.

We hope that you find our outreach useful. Let us know if you’d like to hear about any particular subject. Thanks for coming by.

Caroline Funk (SUNY University at Buffalo) and Debra Corbett (Nanutset Heritage), AIWG blog managers



6 thoughts on “About AIWG

  1. Hello I have just joined. Thank you. To introduce myself, I am Jean Pfaelzer and writing California Bound (Yale Univ Press) on involuntary labor in California. I am interested in the Unangas forcibly transported by the Russians for the otter tradec. Very interested in working with and being in touch w/ other historians and cultural historians. My email is pfaelzer@udel.edu
    & Is there a link to historians? best, Jeannie Pfaelzer

    • Hello, thank you for coming by the postings. I’ll email your comment to the research community just in case they didn’t see it on the blog posting here. You are welcome to submit a post if you are interested. Best, Caroline

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